Remember when… Shaun White had short hair?

Posted: January 25, 2011 in Remember when...
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Anybody catch Shaun White on Conan last night? If you missed it, the clip is on the Team Coco site. Conan had some good questions, like whether surfing would be the next sport for Shaun to take up and how did it feel to be in a video game way back before the Wii and PS3. The interview managed to turn into Larry King Live halfway through, as the camera shifted to Conan’s other guest. It wasn’t the most informative of interviews (besides the Winter X Games), but there was a lot of funny light banter.

I feel as though I’ve kind of grown up with him because we’re the same age and I’ve followed Shaun’s career since the beginning (his Winter X debut was the first year I started watching). His hair is a good measure of how long it has been. While he’s pretty recognizable these days with his long red hair, I remember when he was pint-sized and short-haired. I also remembered him saying in a Winter X profile back in the day that he liked building Gundam models (I liked the Gundam series). I wonder if he still has those models.

For those of you who have never seen Shaun White in his early days, check out this video:

Listening to: “Space Cowboy” by Abney Park

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