Lingo LOLz with Blood Ties

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Nerd Stuff
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I used to get so irritated when a stereotype of a skater or any other extreme sports athlete appears on TV and in movies and starts spouting an unnecessary amount of slang. It’s horribly misleading, and I had an embarrassing n00b phase because my introduction to the subculture came from the caricatures on TV and that’s how I thought action sports enthusiasts speak. However, now I just laugh (and to be fair, I’ve seen the stereotype work in some depictions, like Crush in Finding Nemo… though he’s a turtle). Do people really think our slang is like a foreign language?

This whole post was inspired by my revisiting the old vampire TV series (old meaning from a time before vamps were cool and cliché… like extreme sports, I was into vampires before the mainstream embraced them) called Blood Ties. In “Blood Price, Part 2”, a skateboarder is being questioned by the cops. The over-the-top usage slang here is clearly for comedic effects as the cops ask him to repeat what he said in layman’s terms. I find it funny because he’s raving about “sweet backside airs” (maybe they were) and using “thrashed” twice for no good reason. The amount of slang they cram in 10 seconds is hilarious. You can check out the clip here: starting at 3:28.

I was curious about whether the skater was an actor or a pro. He’s an actor named Levi James, and he’s starred in another extreme sports-related role. In the soap opera Falcon Beach, he played a pro wakeboarder named Travis Rudnicki. I’ve never seen the series, but it looks like there was quite of a bit of wakeboarding, as one of the main characters did it competitively.

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