Winter X Games Europe thinks of Japan.

Posted: March 18, 2011 in News and Events
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In the wake of all that has happened, I’ve forgotten about Winter X Games Europe. On the flipside, Winter X Games has not forgotten about Japan. I’m really glad the athletes are sending out positive messages and ESPN has been encouraging its viewers to donate to the Red Cross. It’s cool to hear messages in different languages too. Japan, the world has got your back.

Soko Yamaoka, who was competing in the U.S. Open when the earthquake and tsunami hit, got a chance to express her thoughts. Gambatte, Soko! Stay strong.

Something not X Games-related but also from ESPN is Tes Sewell’s interview with FMX rider Eigo Sato. His hometown is Iwaki, in the Fukushima Prefecture, and he describes what it was like getting the news while out of the country. At the bottom of the page is a link to a fund set up by the Japanese motocross community. Eigo’s family will be in my thoughts.

Listening to: “Broken Wings” by Tane Tomoko


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