Facebook Findings – BMX triple backflip and skate deck art

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Facebook Findings
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Perhaps “Facebook Postings” would be a better title, but I like alliteration. It’s not very common for my friends to post action sports-related links and videos to either their facebook wall or mine. However, in the past few days, I’ve come across two instances.

The first was a video that many of you may have already seen on Youtube or Yahoo: the first ever triple backflip on a BMX bike. It was done by 24-year-old New Zealand rider, Jed Mildon. Even if you’ve already seen the clip, which is from Mildon’s helmet cam, check out the one I posted below. It shows a spectator’s perspective, as well as all the hardwork he put into pulling off this trick.

The other Facebook Finding comes from my fashion designer buddy, Naomi. She posted a feature on Japanese sculptor Haroshi (with a bit of Lingo Lolz). He uses old skateboard decks to create pieces with multiple layers of colors or mosaic patterns. He also adds a truck to the inside of each sculpture to “give [it] soul” (Haroshi: Artworks).

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