Summer X Games 17 gold medal predictions

Posted: July 28, 2011 in X Games
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Yes I know, way to squeeze this in at the last minute. I am super stoked about this year’s X Games because I get the feeling that insane, record-breaking events are going to happen. Also, the numbers line up (I’m a numerology freak). With this year, I’ll have watched the X Games for half my life (I started with X Games 5 in 1999 so now you know how old I am). Ten years ago, my mom took my brother and me to a BMX event, and it was one of the best days of my life. We met Kevin Robinson, who had pioneered the no-handed flair not too long ago. Five years after that, I watched the Summer X Games 12 on TV with my family, and my mom said she finally understood why I was crazy about action sports. That was the X Games in which Travis Pastrana pulled the first double backflip on a motorcycle and Kevin did the first double flair. I feel like things have lined up in interesting ways. This year, Kevin is announcing Big Air and Travis is set to stomp the Rodeo 720 (“this is personal,” he told people at the X Games).

Enough blabbering though. Here are my predictions for Summer X 17 gold medalists. Like with the Winter X predictions, I’ve left out the disciplines at which I don’t feel knowledgeable enough to make anything besides a random guess and the smaller ones like Best Whip.

BMX Freestyle Big Air – Steve McCann
BMX Freestyle Vert – Jamie Bestwick
BMX Freestyle Park – Dennis Enarson
BMX Freestyle Street – Garrett Reynolds
Moto X Step-Up – Ronnie Renner
Moto X Best Trick – Travis Pastrana
Moto X Freestyle – Blake Williams
Moto X Racing Women’s – Ashely Fiolek
Moto X Speed and Style – Jeremy Stenberg
Rally Car Racing – Tanner Foust
RallyCross – Brian Deegan
Skateboard Park – Pedro Barros
Skateboard Big Air – Bob Burnquist
Skateboard Vert – Bucky Lasek

  1. DjColly says:

    BMX Frestyle Park!!! Daniel Dhers!!! gold metalist!!!

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