The schedule overlap annoys me, especially when I end up missing parts of my two favorite competitions— Moto-X Freestyle and BMX Freestyle Vert. Oh well, I saw the good stuff, and that’s all that matters.

BMX thoughts

  • Prior to the BMX Freestyle Vert finals, there have been only three athletes who have won gold five consecutive times, and two of them were a team (Tony Hawk and Andy MacDonald in Skateboarding Doubles). The third five-peater is Dave Mirra in Park.
  • Steve McCann was still on fire; he and Jamie Bestwick, who was dealing with a sinus infection, tied after their first runs. Jamie officially has competition .
  • Two hard crashes on 900 attempts (what is it about the 9 that is so difficult?). The silence after a rider goes down and doesn’t get up is so gut-wrenching.
  • Despite the frightening crashes, Vince Byron stomped the 540 double tailwhip and Steve lands a no-handed 900. Vince is the only guy doing that trick while Steve is the second person to land a no-handed 9 in competition (Mat Hoffman did it a few years back).
  • Nevertheless those sick tricks weren’t enough to beat Jamie, who packs so much in and rides so smoothly. I was a little surprised to see Vince and Steve concede to Jamie, but everybody did what they came out to do and were happy with their places.

FMX thoughts

  • Adam Jones took a weird fall, like he sat too far back. Jeremy McGrath (in the announcer’s booth) theorized that his front wheel knocked him back.
  • Taka Higashino had a creative side saddle start.
  • I can’t believe Nate Adams hasn’t been on top of the podium for 6 years, but now he’s back in business. The extention he got on the lazy boy was insane!
  • Due to the scheduling/broadcast issues, I missed most of the finals, but it was a fun one. The guys were all pumping up the crowd and jumping for joy. When the riders have fun, everybody else does too.

Skateboarding thoughts

  • The women of Skateboard Street are really tough, bouncing back from some hard slams. It’s a shame X Games got rid of the women’s division for Vert because these skaters are a real inspiration for young girls to give it their all and not be afraid.
  • I learned that grinds are harder than board slides.
  • The ladies have style both on their boards and in their wardrobes. I must admit that Leticia Bufoni was looking cute. She’s also looking pretty badass in this picture (by Olivia Bush from X Games facebook page). Photobucket
  • Mitchie Brusco is well beyond his years: he is younger than the X Games and he turned pro at the age of 3. His older sister had to teach him how to autograph! He took on the Mega Ramp like it was no big deal and played it cool in interviews. What a pro.
  • Did I mention he pulled a 900 in practice? He’s among the 6 skaters to have landed a 9.
  • In comparing a 900 on vert versus the Mega Ramp, Tony Hawk says that you go slower on the Mega Ramp, but you can spot your landing.
  • The Sport Science feature on Big Air in Bob Burnquist’s backyard was cool. It also put into perspective how painful every fall is (and the guys were taking a lot of them). The potential impact equals to about one ton.
  • I have concluded that the most played X Games footage are Tony’s 900, Travis Pastrana’s double backflip, and Jake Brown’s scary fall. You can guess which one I can live without seeing.
  • Yahoo! called Bob Burnquist an “unlikely X Games winner”. Yes, he was injured, but let’s not doubt his skills or youth.
  • On his victory run, Bob attempted a Superman backflip. Clearly he’s been hanging around Travis too long (he’s in Nitro Circus).

Congratulations to Marissa del Santo (Women’s Skateboard Street), Nate Adams (Moto-X Freestyle), Silas Baxter-Neal (Real Street), and Bob Burnquist (Skateboard Big Air) for their victories. Jamie Bestwick gets some special recognition for five-peating in BMX Freestyle Vert. To everyone who fell, I hope you have some time to recover soon.

Prediction Status: 3/7
Quote of the Day: “I want to call it the double fister.” – Tony Hawk on Bob’s double grab 540.
Trick of the Day: Steve McCann’s no-handed 900

Inspiration of the Day: Jamie Bestwick – He has worked really hard to get to the top, and he continues to do so. Age and injury have not stopped him. Neither do sinus infections, which usually put me out of action (next time I get one, I have to think about Jamie’s amazing run from tonight).
Question of the Day: What is it about the 9 that makes it so difficult for skateboarders and BMXers to land?

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