Winter X injury updates, Dew Tour, and more

Posted: February 20, 2012 in News and Events, X Games
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Winter X had some scary wipe-outs, and updates on the athletes came sporadically following the Games.  I’ve decided to compile all the info I found on the injured athletes.

  • Lindsey Jacobellis (boardercross) – torn left ACL
  • Alex Schlopy (ski) – damage to meniscus
  • Wing Tai Barrymore (ski) – torn ACLs
  • Sammy Carlson (ski) – partially torn right ACL
  • Justin Dorey (ski) – partially dislocated left shoulder, contusions and bruising on right leg and both hips
  • Justin Hoyer (snowmobile) – broken right arm, broken left tibia and fibia

Caleb Moore (snowmobile) and Duncan Adams (ski) were also injured during practice.   If I remember the commentary, Caleb had a bruised tailbone.  There weren’t any specifics about Duncan’s crash other than that it led to him walking around on crutches during Winter X and sitting out on the last stop of the Dew Tour.

Speaking of the Dew Tour, the final contest in Snow Basin was last week.  Here are the winners of the Dew Cup, as well recipients of special awards.

  • Ski slopestyle – Kaya Turski and Tom Wallisch
  • Ski superpipe – Devin Logan and Kevin Rolland
  • Snowboard slopestyle – Spencer O’Brien and Sebastien Toutant
  • Snowboard superpipe – Kelly Clark and Louie Vito
  • Ballpark Rookie of the Year – Jake Aaronson (snowboard) and Alex Bellmare (ski)
  • Mitch Breakthrough Athlete of the Year – Devin Logan (ski) and Nick Goepper (ski)
  • Toyota Athlete of the Year – Kaya Turski, Tom Wallisch, Spencer O’Brien, and Kelly Clark

Even though the two biggest ski and snowboard events have wrapped up, there’s still plenty of action on the slopes.  Red Bull Supernatural will air March 31.  The invite-only contest devised by Travis Rice pit veterans like Terje Haakonsen against rising stars like Mark McMorris (and apparently makes ESPN reference Star Wars).

"Terje Haakonsen and Mark McMorris -- Obi-Wan and Luke. This is simultaneously the greatest example of the legend generation taking an interest in passing on knowledge to legends in the making, and just straight up adorable." - Danny Zapalac (ESPN)

The Legendary Mt. Baker Slalom also featured old school and new school competitors, as well as Kevin Pearce’s return to competition.  Freeskiiers will have their own back-country event with the Red Bull Cold Rush in a couple of weeks.

If you’ve felt left out when all your friends and co-workers talk fantasy football and basketball, come join me with a fantasy league that’s closer to our style: Fantasy Freeride League.  The site also gives you the latest news in freeskiing.

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