X Games L.A. 2012 Gold Medal Predictions

Posted: June 27, 2012 in X Games
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Summer X Games 18 comes a month earlier this year, and now it’s going by a different name to reflect the global expansion of the Games.  L.A. is still the place to be for summer action sports athletes though.  This year promises to bring lots of repeat medal attempts, new challengers (and boy, are they young), never-before-seen tricks, and dramatic moments guaranteed to make a highlight reel.  I’ve got my pen and paper ready, and this year I’m hoping to do better on my predictions

BMX Street – Garrett Reynolds
BMX Park – Daniel Dhers
BMX Vert – Jamie Bestwick
BMX Big Air – Chad Kagy
Moto X Freestyle – Levi Sherwood
Moto X Step-Up – Matt Buyten
Moto X Best Trick – Clinton Moore
Moto X Racing Women’s – Vicki Golden
Moto X Speed and Style – Nate Adams
RallyCross – Brian Deegan
Skateboard Street Women’s – Alexis Sablone
Skateboard Big Air – Mitchie Brusco
Skateboard Park – Pedro Barros
Skateboard Vert – Pierre Luc-Gagnon
Skateboard Street Men’s – Chaz Ortiz

While you’re waiting for Summer X to officially begin, go vote for ESPY’s Best Female and Male Action Sports Athletes.

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