X Games L.A. 2012 Day 1 notes

Posted: June 30, 2012 in X Games
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Originally I had planned to combine my Day 1 and 2 notes since there were only two events on Thursday and I had to miss half of yesterday’s action.  However, I had so much stuff written down that I decided to split them up again.  It’s a little surprising since I’ve also been Tweeting during the broadcast.  You can blame social media for keeping me away from making these posts, but on the bright side, I’ve made my return to the freestylemtx.com forum (it felt like an overdue homecoming).

Motocross thoughts

  • Since Freestyle was juxtaposed with Skateboard Big Air, I noted the difference in announcing styles. Tony and Sal are like the nice parents who give their kids a gold star for effort while Cameron and Tess are the more critical Asian parents.
  • Taka Higashino’s rock solid backflip, the first ever, was insane! He let go three times while upside down.
  • Todd Potter wins the marketing award for handing out fake mustaches.
  • Levi Sherwood not only had great extension but he held his tricks out for as long as possible.
  • Taka’s run was apparently written in Japanese so no one else could figure out what he did. I bet FMX trick names are written out in katakana.
  • Todd’s whip was huge… a glimpse at what he’d do for Best Whip?
  • Levi’s legs actually go over his head on the tsunami flip. It was like yoga on a dirt bike.
    XG18 Day1, From X Games facebook page.  By Olivia Bush
    Photo by Olivia Bush (
    X Games facebook page)
  • Adam Jones really got the short end of the stick. I kept hearing about how he was underscored, but his second run wasn’t even aired (it was the only run not aired).
  • The tie breaker between Nate Adams and Javier Villegas was confusing. The broadcast said Javier got the bronze, but they didn’t explain that the judges averaged the highest and lowest scores of their best run back in, instead of looking at the second run score. To make things worse, the site listed Nate as third, which made me think ESPN pulled a CNN. Everything finally got cleared up when the on-line report came out the next day.
  • This is the first year that an American rider is not on the podium. Taka is the first Asian athlete to have won a Summer X event since Takeshi Yasutoko took the gold in Aggressive In-line Vert in 2004, the last year they would hold that event.

Skateboard thoughts

  • It’s interesting to see how the face of skateboarding has changed. Kids can now train at Woodward and specialize in Big Air. Thankfully, the parents don’t seem to be the ones pushing the kids so no Skate Moms reality show yet.
  • Jagger Eaton is now the youngest X Games competitor ever. He beat Nyjah Huston by a few months.
  • Mitchie landed the first 900 in a Big Air contest on his victory lap during qualifiers. Looks like the nerves are gone.
  • Then Tom Schaars threw down two 9s like it’s no big deal… yet he only got second because he hit the smaller gap.
  • I had mixed feelings about Bob automatically getting to the finals.  Not that he didn’t deserve it given the pounding he received in practice, but I didn’t realize that was even allowed.
  • It looked like the judges want more technical tricks and amplitude (makes sense considering the name is Big Air).

Congratulations to Taka Higashino (Moto-X Freestyle) for being our first gold medalist!

Prediction Status: 0/1
Quote of the Day: “It’s really old school versus elementary school in Big Air.” – Sal Masakela
Trick of the Day: Mitchie Brusco’s 900
Inspiration of the Day: Taka Higashino
Question of the Day: Are you rooting for the old school skaters or the new kids?

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