2015 Jeff Phillips Tribute

Posted: June 21, 2015 in News and Events
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Boy do I have a lot of X Games content to share.  I’m really eager to get to them, but with yesterday being “Go Skate Day”,  I remembered that I hadn’t gone around to writing about the Jeff Phillips Tribute at 4DWN from last month.  Unfortunately, it was when Texas was being pounded by rain so I missed the little bit of vert that happened.  There was still some great action indoors from the locals.  My camera set-up wasn’t ideal, and I learned that shooting street/park is a completely different ordeal.  However, a nice gentleman gave me some tips on how to follow a skater and catch the right moment.

2015 Jeff Phillips tribute-01

2015 Jeff Phillips tribute05

2015 Jeff Phillips tribute10

2015 Jeff Phillips tribute13

Despite the weather, lots of people came out to honor Jeff’s memory and support the Suicide and Crisis Center. For more photos from this year’s event and the one from 2013, check out my Flickr album.

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