2015 State Fair BMX Show picspam

Posted: November 7, 2015 in News and Events
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Unlike many of my fellow Dallasites, going to the State Fair of Texas was never a tradition of mine.  Then I discovered that Big Time Actionsports put on a BMX show every year.  This time I went on a weekend so I had to fight the crowds.  I planted myself in front of the open loop transfer with the hope of getting a sick shot, but that was easier said than done.  The position wasn’t ideal for anything else so I didn’t get many photos.  It was a great learning experience for photography (especially since my settings weren’t good either).

Pete Brandt with Jimmy Coleman announcing and Mat Olson applauding DSC_2997 AJ Anaya

DSC_2999 Mat Olson DSC_3003 Pete Brandt

DSC_3007 AJ Anaya DSC_3029 Mat Olson

Click here for more photos. Thank you Team BTA for putting on a great show! I was standing by people who were not familiar with BMX, and they definitely walked away as fans.  See y’all next year!

Sorry Pete, you accidentally got cropped out of the shot.

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