D-Town Throwdown 2015 picspam

Posted: December 21, 2015 in News and Events
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This is not much of a picspam since I was only able to attend for a couple hours in the morning and my photos did not turn out great (apparently I’m good at vert shots but not other events).    D-Town Throwdown took place on October 17 in the middle of downtown Dallas and featured three skateboard disciplines: vert, street, and downhill.  On top of the competitions, there was a freestyle motocross demo, concerts, and live art.  There was also a mini-ramp set up for attendees to do some skating of their own.

The downhill event took place inside a parking garage. Qualifiers ran all day and included a diversity of riders. In the end, Billy Bones took the win with his grandparents watching.
Trying to catch a shot of racers out of the chute was a bit tricky.

Street drew a large crowd even during prelims. Mickey Pappa scored a win in his first ever Throwdown. Vert finals weren’t until later in the afternoon, but skaters were practicing all day. A lot of big names came to compete with Pierre Luc-Gagnon coming out as the victor.
Paul Luc Ronchetti during practice – he walked away with third place.

The FMX demo by Cowboy Kenny’s Steel Rodeo Tour was another crowd pleasure. Kenny Bartram, Matt Buyten, and Anthony Murray hit the ramps with the buildings of Dallas providing a cool backdrop. DSC_3136
Anthony Murray going for the kiss of death

There were several vendors and some food trucks as well. One tent screen-printed DTTD T-shirts for you. There was a huge line, and if I wasn’t short on time, I would have gotten one myself. I also enjoyed the artists spray painting different areas. D-Town Throwdown proved that skateboarding isn’t just a sport or something you do; it’s a lifestyle.

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