I’m really sorry for lagging on these updates.  Life has been throwing curveballs ever since I got back from Aspen; I wasn’t even able to watch all the replays before ESPN took them down.  In any case, Friday was the most jam-packed day so I hope to be back to posting more regularly.


Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle

  • The bummer about seeing Slopestyle in person is that you only get a view of the money booter, and if you’re not press or VIP, you’re way in the back.  Also annoying kids on the ski lift above us liked to purposely shake snow off their boards onto our heads.
  • Despite this, I enjoyed the atmosphere.  Everyone rode well.
  • Hayley Langland’s rail game was on point.
  • Spencer O’Brien got a well-deserved gold.
  • Later in the afternoon, I wound up meeting Christy Prior at the Lifeproof booth, and she said it was a really great day to ride.

Snowmobile Freestyle

  • After slopestyle, my parents and I wandered over to the snowmobile course, where some of the guys were practicing.  I think they knew a crowd had gathered since their tricks got progressively harder (or they could’ve just warmed up).
    day2-dad0331 Brett Turcotte
  • I saw Levi Lavallee was limping along the course.  He had to pull out due to an ankle injury, but at least he got a trick in with flipping during Snocross.
  • Joe Parsons won Snowmobile Freestyle with the “gator wrestler” and the “Parsby flip”, which he hasn’t done in a year.
  • My dad and I held up the Texas flag whenever Colten Moore was out.  We were across the track from his family who each had their own flag/flag jacket.  People thought we Texans were obsessed wackos.
  • Unfortunately Colten did not have a good night.  (To quote him at an event more recently, it “sucked”.)

Women’s Ski Superpipe

  • We only saw the tail end due to dinner, but what we saw was exciting.
  • Ayana Onozuka was solid all the way down the pipe.  She keeps getting better and better.
  • Maddie Bowman won and pulled the first switch 900 by a female skier.  Apparently she only learned it recently, but you would have never known.
    day2-jen0460 Maddie’s post-gold interview

Snowboard Big Air

  • The event was super crowded, and it was hard to see.
  • Darcy Sharpe wins the style award and raddest dude for pulling a method as the first trick of the contest.
  • I’m so used to slow-mo that I didn’t realize Max Parrot did an 1800 until the announcers mentioned.  Apparently Craig and Brando didn’t catch it on TV, and the Intel monitors got it wrong.
  • Basically it was Max Parrot vs. Mark McMorris.
  • Sven Thorgren was having a hard time landing anything unfortunately.
  • Yuki Kadono broke both of his boards, but he managed to land two solid tricks that scored high enough to prevent a Canadian sweep.  Total badass.

As I previously mentioned, the free entry meant a lot of annoying people.  Here’s how to be a crappy X Games fan: caring only about the athletes you plan to party with and being loud about it, hating on all the athletes and trying to make out with your girlfriend who’s trying to watch, smoking in a non-smoking event, and cutting in line for the buses.  My patience was a lot shorter than in Austin due to the close proximity.

On the flipside, the small space meant that it’s easier to come into contact with athletes.  Although I didn’t see many autograph sessions, you can end up being right where the skiers and snowboarders exit.  I got waves from Jamie Anderson (technically the enthusiastic next to me did but I waved too) at the end of slopestyle and Maddie Bowman after her interview.  I don’t think my parents understood that I would prefer to sacrifice an ideal view to be up close to the action.  It’s hard to explain but it just feels like you’re part of something when you’re up there.

My dad was still really miffed at not being sent home the previous night, especially since we found some non-press folks with D-SLRs on this day. Security was super inconsistent: I got groped in the morning but then they hardly looks through my bag in the afternoon. Regardless, we had fun and now I can say my first cell phone vid is of Max Parrot.

You can see the videos we took on my Youtube channel’s X Games Aspen playlist.  As for the photos, I’m still updating my Flickr with each post so come back again soon!

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