X Games Austin 2016 Sunday recap

Posted: September 3, 2017 in X Games
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Hello, anybody here?  I know I meant to return earlier, but life and my mind had other plans.  Blogging and photo editing just haven’t held my interest even with my favorite topics.s  However, I’ve been meaning to tie up loose ends, and I am hoping that this will generate enough momentum to continue this blog.  I’m just gonna step back from the X Games recaps and “awards” (especially since I can’t watch as easily) to cover some other aspects of action sports.  But loose ends first, you can revisit my previous X Games Austin 2016 recaps here and here.

The last day of X Games Austin 2016 was bittersweet.  We knew it was the last day for X Games to be in Austin (at least in the near future), and rather than ending on a high note, the weather decided to be jerky in a different way.  Despite the clear skies, the wind was too strong for Big Air.  They waited to the last minute to make the announcement so you could tell that everybody wanted to make things work.  I know people are angry about cancellations and the end of X Games’ contract with COTA, but I would rather the athletes be safe and able to do what they came out to do.

BMX Dirt

    • First runs were pretty solid for most of the guys.  Second and third runs had them taking more risks.
    • That led to TJ Ellis hurting his shoulder.  Mike “Hucker” Clark ran down the ramp to check on him.  I thought that was pretty cool since it’s a long way down and he was up not too long afterward. day4_4104
      See, Hucker did not run out of energy.
    • Kyle Baldock went HUGE but crashed out at the end.
    • The announcers kept mentioning how old Cory Nastazio is.  It was supposed to emphasize what a legend he is, but it just sounded insulting.
    • Kevin Peraza threw the sickest lawn-dart frontflip ever.

  • I got a selfie with Ryan Nyquist.  Kyle was on his way out so I could only gave him props, but he interacted with fans so much the entire weekend.
  • Later I saw Kevin and got a photo.  I kinda felt bad since he was getting mobbed after people recognized him as the gold medalist.  He was cool about it though.

While we were waiting behind the fence of the motocross track, a guy passed out.  We were standing behind some of the staff, including EMTs, and Rob Adelberg.  I’m guessing they were figured people were shouting in excitement all weekend so the “Hey”‘s wouldn’t work.  My mom shouted “Doctor”, but it took a couple of tries to get the EMTs on the other side of the fence.  I’m not sure what happened to the guy, and he refused to go to the medical tent (which is his right).  However, I think we could all remember to stay hydrated in the Texas heat. If anybody has tips on how we could’ve gotten the medics’ attention better, please let me know.

Moto X Quarterpipe

  • Since Best Trick got moved to today and Big Air was canceled, poor Josh Sheehan had three back-to-back events.  He walked home with two more medals though.
  • I couldn’t hear the announcers so I thought riders would have more than two attempts and I couldn’t hear the scores.
  • In the end, Thomas Pages won with a bike flip and a 540.
  • Libor Podmol’s egg roll is one of the most bizarre-looking tricks.  He stood on his seat before going into a Superman after take off.  Unfortunately he crashed on both attempts, but props for creativity.
  • Jackson Strong tried to do a double backflip 180 but crashed hard.   Apparently he checked himself out of the hospital to compete in the Best Trick comp a couple hours later.  Such a boss!
  • The Aussies are nuts, and they have the skills to back it up.  They walked home with quite a lot of hardware from the weekend.

Overall it was still a great X Games but not my favorite of the three.  In addition to the weather problems, I had my own issues with aggravated allergies from standing next to smokers and getting sunburned pretty badly.   Some of these events just work better indoors, but COTA was a fun venue to walk around.  I won’t forget what I did see over the weekend, and I can only hope to attend future X Games.

For all the photos and videos I took, check out my Youtube playlist and Flickr album.

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