International Motorcycle Show 2017

Posted: February 3, 2018 in News and Events
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The International Motorcycle Show is back in town, and that’s reminded me that I never shared my photos from last year’s show.  Fitz Army was a new addition, and everyone was stoked at the high-flying action (and maybe a little worried that the guys were getting very close to the rafters).

I got to chat with Matt Buyten again, who had just become a new Texan, and my dad apparently recognized emcee Kenny “Taco” Bell.  I also met Cal Vallone and Jesse Jolson.
DSC_4170 Before the demo, my parents and I listened to Glenn Heggstad talk about his adventures around the world on his motorcycle, which included being captured and tortured by guerrillas in Columbia.  Despite that scary experience, he had a positive outlook on the world, talking about sharing drinks and food with various individuals living lives vastly different from ours in America.  It was very inspiring.

While shopping for a helmet, I met another cool person, adaptive athlete Kiana Clay.  My parents were still sharing stories about how they went with me to X Games Aspen, and Kiana mentioned plans of heading up there to compete in adaptive boardercross (sadly the event has since been removed from the X Games).  It was cool to learn that she’s both a racer and a snowboarder.


Of course, there were cool custom bikes on display everywhere, along with some rides from the top racers.
I fell in love with the new Kawasaki Z125, which solved the height issue I had with the 250 duals.  My current schedule hasn’t allowed me much time to ride, but I still have my eye on that bike.  Maybe I’ll check out the 2018 model tomorrow…

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