X Games Minneapolis 2018 Thursday recap

Posted: October 20, 2018 in X Games
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Since X Games Sydney is happening right now, I thought I would hustle and finally get around my X Games Minneapolis recaps.   It’s not going well, and I can make excuses, but I’m gonna hunker down (without missing the action from Sydney).  Minneapolis was so different from Austin, both the city and the Games.  Although everyone was stoked that we’d be indoors, the stadium format makes me feel more distant.  As a result, getting Floor Access was SO worth it.

Vert, however, was outside.  Thankfully the rain had stopped a couple hours before the first event started.  We were in the back at first since we got there kind of late, and with it being nighttime as well, I don’t have as many photos this time around.

Skateboard Vert

  • Bucky Lasek was off his game and falling a lot.  Later we learned that he had a migraine.  Once I looked up to see if I had a migraine or just a severe headache, and knowing what the symptoms are, I have to give Bucky all the props.
  • Sandro Dias… talk about a comeback!  He was so close to landing a 900.
  • Somehow, my two photos that turned out okay were both of Marcelo Bastos, the number one qualifier from the previous night.
  • It makes so much sense that Jimmy Wilkins’ mom is a ballet dancer.  He’s so graceful and has great extension.  Long legs help, but knowing your lines takes it to a new level.
  • Moto Shibata had some of the sickest, most difficult tricks, but he didn’t get enough amplitude to take the lead.  I thought he was scored a bit low though.

Before I get to BMX Vert, I had to point out a few things.  A lot of people left, and I don’t know if it’s because it was getting late or BMX isn’t as popular.  In any case, I moved up to right behind V.I.P. and found myself staring down two guys who were so busy chatting loudly that they didn’t even look at the ramp.  It made me so mad!  I wish I had that much money to throw away.

I was expecting a Kevin Robinson tribute during Vert, but there wasn’t one.  Then I figured maybe they were saving it for Big Air, an event he helped pioneer.  That didn’t happen either, and later I learned that there was a memorial event earlier in the day (perhaps before doors opened?).  I’m kind of bummed because he’s got a lot of fans and was super important in the progression of X Games.

BMX Vert

  • You can tell how serious of an athlete Jamie Bestwick is because he took every chance he got to warm up.  A rapper named Prof performed during their practice and he had smoke blowing up, but Jamie and some of the other guys kept riding.
    My dad was very determined at getting a shot through the smoke.  Prof is in the lower left corner, and that’s Douglas Olivera riding.
  • Jamie seemed to be more chill through the years.  When asked how he felt about Vince Byron being in the lead, he said, “Vince is only 3 points higher”.
  • Mykel Larrin had some of the most unique trick combos.
  • No 900 from Simon Tabron.  That could’ve boosted his score, but I guess he wasn’t feeling it?
  • We got one from Dennis McCoy though.  He’s so badass for still riding, and he took one of the hardest slams too.
  • Vince Byron was just on fire!  He had a couple of set-up airs.  I thought that may have cost him the lead, but his amplitude was way higher.
  • Plus Vince’s 540 flair/900 flatspin (will we ever figure out what it is?) was out of the this world!

As I mentioned, Minneapolis the city is very different from Austin.  I loved how easy it was to get to places by walking and/or public transport.  Being in the downtown area meant not many options for food unfortunately, and what was around cost a lot.  Nevertheless, I had some cool encounters before the Games officially started.

After knowing each other online for 15ish years, Chuck Carothers and I met in person.  His family and mine were on the same train, and I overheard him introduce himself to someone, who turned out to be Lyn-Z Adams Pastrana.  I didn’t realize that they had never met, but paths sometimes just don’t cross and they diverge further.  It was super rad even if I got awkward.

More awkward was when Jamie Bestwick walked into the restaurant we were having dinner at right after I was telling my parents about him and how he owned the competition in Austin.  I didn’t want to bother him and his partner, but they were seated behind us and I wound up saying “hi” and “good luck” before we left.   In an interview with FatBMX, Jamie said he could barely remember what he had for dinner, much less the tricks he through, and I had a chuckle since I had a vague idea (I didn’t know his order but the restaurant served breakfast for dinner and sandwiches).

I didn’t get any selfies with the people I met so here’s a photo from First Avenue, which I dragged my parents across town to see.

Check out my Flickr album for more photos.


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