Friday was jam-packed with events, and I got Floor Access too.  Unfortunately, I had forgotten when access started, and the ticket didn’t say when.  One volunteer said I could go down in the morning so that’s what I did.  Then I got kicked out of one area, forbidden from another, and then invited in the media platform behind the photographers for a portion of the Women’s Skateboard Street Qualifier.

Women’s Skateboard Street Qualifier

  • The skaters seemed really chill even if it was a tight competition for the final qualifying spots.
  • Nanaka Fujisawa did really well for a newcomer (and a young’un).
  • Mariah Duran was ON.  Both of her qualifying runs were among the highest scoring.
  • Then there’s Alexis Sablone, whom you can count on for hitting some of the biggest tricks.

Being on the floor was too nerve-wracking so I decided to head back up for to join my parents to watch BMX Dirt Qualifiers.  Unfortunately, all the doors look the same, and I got lost, wound up where all the athletes were, and then finally found another elevator with some VIPs.  As a result, I missed a chunk of the BMX Dirt Qualifiers but I caught the second runs.

BMX Dirt Qualifiers

  • Everybody was pulling out all the stops.  Who was going to enter the final kept changing up to the very end it seemed, and some  former gold medalists like Ryan Nyquist and Kevin Peraza didn’t make it.day2_4057
    You can always count on Kevin for great extension.
  • When did cash rolls and tailwhip backflips become staples?
  • My mom knows nothing about action sports or how scoring works for any event, but she was very impressed with Brian Fox’s first run.
  • Dawid Godziek was a name I wasn’t familiar with, but I’m gonna remember it how huge he went.

We took a break to check out X-Fest, where I got pics with Jarryd McNeil (who was impressed I came all the way from Texas) and Mykel Larrin (who was amped about Big Air), and to get food.
I wanted to come back in time for the Dave Mirra BMX Park Best Trick competition, but that didn’t happen.

Moto-X Quarterpipe High Air

  • It was a super gnarly event since I can’t imagine the strength it takes to manipulate a motorcycle on a quarterpipe and then to try to go the biggest on top of that.
  • Axell Hodges was kind of a shoe-in for gold with how consistently high he was going.
  • Still, Colby Raha put up a big fight.

The seats we had for Quarterpipe High Air weren’t really good for photos even though we had a clear view.  For BMX Big Air and Freestyle Moto-X, I was finally able to make it down to the floor and get a clear view.  Yay!

BMX Big Air

  • Colton Satterfield had the most frightening crash I have seen and heard.  He regained consciousness and raised his arm when they carted him off.  Later I learned he broke his collarbone and got a concussion but didn’t seem to show any  TBI symptoms.
  • Vince Byron had to follow the crash: talk about nerves of steel! I caught him after the comp, in which he won bronze, and got a selfie.
  • At some point, Douglas Olivera and Morgan Wade decided to use the quarterpipe for biggest air.  I think Morgan won that battle.
  • Morgan had some tire issues, but luckily someone had a pump and a spare so he put it together to get a silver medal.
  • James Foster did a QUADRUPLE tailwhip.  I saw him stretching a lot which must have helped.  When I watched the replay, I found out he got into a car wreck recently so that made his win even more badass.
  • Zacky Warden’s and Ryan Williams’ bike flips are still so mind blogging.  It’s hard to make sense of them without slow-mo even though I know what to expect.
  • The medal ceremony was rather emotional since Kevin Robinson’s kids handed out the medals.

Moto-X Freestyle

  • I’m forever baffled by the fact that double backflips are a thing in full FMX runs.
  • On his Instagram, Adam Jones talks about how he doesn’t have the flexibility of his youth anymore.  He was still getting great extension.  I’m jealous.
  • Harry Bink dislocated his shoulder after his first run.  He popped it back in and taped it up and decided to go for his second run shirtless.  What a baller!
  • Tom Pages kinda flubbed his first run.  Everyone in the crowd was confused, but it was a good thing he felt of in the beginning.
  • That second run though… Tom did a NO-HANDED double backflip!  Plus he pulled off his signature quarterpipe tricks
  • Unfortunately for Jackson Strong, he wasn’t feeling things in his second run, but fortunately his first run score was high enough to secure him silver.
  • Rob Adelberg almost didn’t medal because he decided that his first run was good enough and wanted to preserve his body.
  • Because the event ran so late, I was able to creep up to the front.  You can actually catch me just as Tom was getting interviewed.  I caught some on camera, but the sound wasn’t great.
    I also threw the horns just right before they finished the broadcast.

Check out my Flickr album for more photos.

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