My goal was to finish this before X Games Aspen 2020, but that didn’t quite happen.  Better late than never, right?  The trade-off is that you get a ton of photos because I was present at X Games Minneapolis almost all of Saturday and got great seats for some of the comps.

Saturday was Women’s Day, and I wanted to show my support for the female BMX riders boycotting X Games due to the lack of a competition.

I’ll make a different post about their fight, but my little form of protest actually led to me making a new friend.  So my plan kinda worked in that it brought women together in support of other women, yay!

BMX Park

  • The riders kinda had it tough because no one was pre-qualified, and the finals immediately followed the semifinals.  Everyone did well, but only half the field could proceed.
  • Larry Edgar blasted through the course, as expected, but he didn’t get the scores to move on.  We saw him go to the stands to watch the rest of the contest.
  • Two guys I was unfamiliar with, Jose Torres and Rim Nakamura, definitely impressed me.  Rim especially was on fire!
  • Logan Martin definitely had his eyes on the repeat win.  He was solid all the way through, and now he’s the first BMX Park rider to get consecutive golds.

Moto X Best Trick

  • I have no words for David Rinaldo’s new trick, the Malachai.  I actually almost missed it because I had to rush from BMX Park downstairs to the floor area of the Moto X course.  But it was mind-blowing to know that David came up with a body varial backflip and then did it for the first time to dirt.
  • It’s still wacky that front flips are a thing, and Jackson Strong and Rob Adelberg both tried no-handed versions.  Rob crashed while Jacko landed his and wound up in second.
    Rob did come back to land a solid front flip, but that wasn’t what he wanted.
  • There were long breaks in between the runs due to time for commercials and judges deliberation.  It made the pacing kind of weird, but I got to briefly meet Russell Chai (snowboard filmer), Kyle Baldock, and Tyler Bereman.

After taking some time to process what happened in Moto X Best Trick and get a selfie with Vicki Golden , I went over to the Mega Ramp just in time to see someone get carted off by the medics.  Later, I learned that Trey Wood hit the deck hard, but fortunately, he didn’t break any bones.

Skateboard Big Air

  • Young Toby Ryan was the alternate, and he did well considering that he got almost no practice.
  • Clay Kreiner got an early lead and fought hard to keep it.
  • However, around the 4th runs, everyone started landing their bangers, culminating with Mitchie Brusco doing the first 1260 in competition!
  • On his final run, Elliot Sloan did an indy 720 over the gap with a 900 on the quarter.  Because Mitchie focused all his efforts on the 1260 on the quarter, Elliot got a higher overall score.

I took a break from watching all the contests to grab dinner. I also met Winter X gold medalist Alex Ferreira. It was super cool to see him since Aspen is a harder trip to make.

BMX Street

  • As expected, there was a showdown between Garrett Reynolds and Chad Kerley.  Garrett’s consistency and technicality put him to the top.
  • However, Matt Ray put down two solid runs that included big spin combos.  His first run score was good enough to get him silver.
  • The judges were big on manuals and fakie landings.
    day3_4480 Matt Ray had an impressive manual.
  • Devon Smilie’s grinds were sick.  So much control!
  • Dakota Roche had some unique lines including a wall ride and a massive gap to grind.

The stands were packed by the time BMX Dirt came around to where the pros from BMX Street, including Garrett and Chad, were sitting amidst us rabble.

BMX Dirt

  • Is there not a way to put barriers around the turn?  I watched Thursday’s Eliminations on TV, and Kevin Peraza had a very scary fall off the edge of the course.  He was okay, but that was several feet straight down.
  • The Finals began with gnarly crashes from Mike Varga (who was already beat up from practice) and Andy Buckworth.
  • Dawid Godziek has had a hell of a year since he was relative newcomer to the field in 2018.  He took an early lead with a sick 720 front flip and a double backflip.
  • Brandon Loupos was looking to get the rare repeat gold after first runs, sending it with a triple whip and a double backflip.
  • In kind of a reversal of last year (where Brandon got the gold on his final run), Logan Martin took the lead his second run and a new trick, 720 barspin to no-hander.  Then he upped his score on his last run!
  • Logan snagged his second gold medal of the day as one of the rare Park and Dirt double winners and forever broke his 2nd place curse!

Moto X Best Whip

  • Best Whip was a bit of a blur due to it being the last event of a long day and the riders going one after another.  The roster was reduced to just four for Finals.
  • Vicki Golden had some issues with her bike so she didn’t have the comeback she was hoping for.
  • Tom Parsons made a solid showing, but Tyler Bereman was hungry.  Based on our brief interaction during Best Trick and his reaction in getting gold, he was so incredibly stoked to be back competing and seeing his hard work pay off.

Tyler’s elation definitely lit up the room.  It was a wonderful way to end the day.  For more pictures, check out my Flickr album.

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