About this blog

The first time I watched the X Games was the summer of 1999.  I saw Tony Hawk repeatedly attempt the 900 even after the Skateboard Best Trick contest had ended and a clean-cut teenager named Travis Pastrana dominate the rough sport of freestyle motocross.  That was all I needed to be hooked into the world of extreme sports.  It was unlike anything I had encountered in my “safe” world of academics, piano, and anime, and I wanted to know more.

I joined http://www.freestylemtx.com and http://www.freestylemx.com under the name “motodorkjen” because well, I’m a dork who likes motocross.  One of the posters started calling me “The Professor” because I would always try to answer his questions about science. After about 5 years of following not only motocross, but also BMX, skateboarding, in-line skating, and snowboarding, I fell out touch with the scene.  When I got to college, there wasn’t anybody else around me interested in action sports and I didn’t have time to keep up with the news. I actually got more crap from my friends in college for watching the X Games than from my fellow FMX fans for being an honor student who liked sci-fi and Japanese pop culture. It seemed like nerds and extreme sports didn’t go together.

My goal is to prove that wrong. I want to get back into the scene, and the best way I can think of doing that is through writing. Extreme sports actually got me writing for fun, and now I want to come full circle. In addition to providing news and commentary, I want to explore the science behind it. I am a scientist after all, and it’s time that I live up to my nickname again.

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