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I was planning on catching up on entries, but then I learned that Josh Perry (you may have seen him on America’s Got Talent as a member of the American BMX Stunt Team) is undergoing radiation treatment. Two and a half years ago, he had a benign tumor removed from his brain. He recovered after a couple of months, but the tumor recently grew back. Since his surgeon recommended against another operation, Josh underwent Gamma Knife® radiation therapy.

In an interview with Eastern Bikes, he describes the non-invasive procedure as having “200 beams of radiation generated by radioactive cobalt that unlike normal radiation are not powerful enough to damage surrounding tissue but once they meet at the pinpointed location they are strong enough to help control/destroy the tumors growth.” Also called Cobalt-60 therapy (for the isotope used), the treatment is known for its precision and reduced side effects. Last month marked its 61st anniversary.

News of Josh’s treatment hits close to home for me, as I have people in my life who have dealt/are dealing with brain tumors. Josh’s positivity is inspiring (definitely read the Eastern Bikes interview), and he is doing well after the procedure. I wish him the best.