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I stumbled across a video featuring the founders of Bureo Skateboarders, and I thought sharing their missions would be the perfect Earth Day post.

Surf and skate enthusiasts Ben R. Kneppers, David M. Stover, and Kevin J. Ahearn combined their business and engineering backgrounds to form Bureo and Net Positiva, a fishnet collection and recycling program in Chile.  Net Positiva helped reduce pollution from discarded nets, which are then turned into plastic pellets for their signature skateboard, the Minnow.

The boards are available in skate shops in several states, Chile, Switzerland, and Japan. You can also get them on-line. Although the Minnow costs more than your typical skateboard, the infographic from Bureo’s site shows the great impact it has.

As you can see, Bureo Skateboards has worked to reduce plastic pollution and greenhouse gas emissions—not to mention helped the forests by having an alternative to wooden decks.  Protecting our planet is priceless.