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Last month, I attended the Progressive International Motorcycle Show after learning that freestyle motocross legend Carey Hart would be present. He wasn’t the only celebrity present. There was a good mix of icons from my adolescence (Carey, Kenny Bartram, and Scott “Mr. Daytona” Russell) and new faces in the motorcycle world (Aaron Colton, Elena Myers, Kyle Wyman, and Garrett Gerloff) to greet fans. Some of them were interviewed on-stage, and being the reporter/nerd that I am, I took notes.

Carey Hart was the big freestyle name so he was first. He talked about getting factory support for his team and how Ricky Carmichael was responsible for developing the bike and the champs that rode them, Ryan Dungey being the example. The interviewer joked about how RC had packed on a few pounds, but Carey said that RC would still beat him in a race because “muscle memory doesn’t go away”. An interesting thing he brought up was that he sees supercross as more of a team sport with mechanics and factor bikes while FMX is up to the individual because you can’t put things on a motorcycle to help you do tricks better (other than maybe grab holes or flip levers). Busy with his team and clothing (and most likely his family), Carey has no new projects planned in the near future.


“Cowboy” Kenny Bartram, whom I haven’t seen/heard much of these days, came next. He still had the cowboy hat, but he finally got his teeth fixed (back in the day, he used to get hassled for his missing bottom teeth). He remains active in the FMX scene with Cowboy Kenny’s Steel Rodeo Tour. Although he misses competing, he admits that it’s an “incredible feeling” to know that he’ll walk away from an event in good health. Kenny also share a little secret: FMX practices really only involve five minutes of practicing a run and the rest is just them riding around.


We then switched to street bikes with Aaron Colton finishing up the freestyler interviews. I’m not familiar with the Xtreme Drift League, but Aaron showed what sportbike freestyle was all about in a demo later in the afternoon. He began riding street bikes at the age of fourteen, which proved to be a difficult time with the 115-pound bikes and steep learning curve. Throughout the years, he’s worked his way up, and his favorite moment was winning a major event in 2006 in San Antonio.


The next event brought me back to my teenage Speed Channel-watching days. There was going to be a special interview with Scott Russell. Where have I heard that name? I wondered upon hearing the announcement. Then it clicked: Mr. Daytona!


A World Superbike and AMA Superbike Champion, Scott got the nickname after winning the Daytona 200 five times. He also holds the record for most 750cc AMA Supersport wins, a title that he says he’ll keep since they did away with the class. Despite his claim to fame, he didn’t do well on the Dayton course at first. He slowly figured out the “ocean of asphalt” and used a harder tire because so much heat was built up. Scott stated that his best rivals were Carl Fogarty and Doug Poland. When asked about his horrific accident at Daytona in 2001, he said that he knew it was the end. One audience member asked Scott about racing today, and he said though the new electronics in the bikes make racing safer (thus extending careers), it does take some of the rider out of the race because they don’t have to think about every little detail that goes into a turn.

Hearing all the interviews and meeting the riders were definitely the highlights of the Progressive Motorcycle Show. I want to start following sport bike stuff again. My interest in getting my own ride, possibly the TW200, has been renewed after talking with a dealer (the one I had originally talked to last year really discouraged me from getting a dual sport just because of my shortness). I had wanted to attend the beginner riders seminar, but the convention changed the schedule last minute and merged that seminar with the Yamaha Champions Riding School. Another thing they could’ve improved upon was the location of Aaron’s demo. It was in the corner of the convention center so you could only see him from two sides, which meant difficulty seeing from the back. It would’ve been cool if they had done it outside. Overall, it was a cool show with a lot of two-wheeled eye candy.

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Saturday at the X Games was just crazy. There were so many events going on (half of which were competing with what was apparently the second longest Wimbledon match for airtime). Among them was the Hot Wheels Double Loop Dare. It was a short one-shot event, which almost seemed like a waste considering how much space the loop took up. However, the feat was impressive, and it’s now in the record books.

BMX thoughts

  • Park was like a trip down memory lane. Familiar names like Ryan Nyquist and Scotty Cranmer were in the finals, and I was watching alongside my brother (who has fallen out of the scene). Good times.
  • Patrick Casey did flair whip in such a small space. It was shocking.
  • Brett “Banana Sandwich” Banasiewicz (actually his nickname is “Mad Dog”) had some HUGE tricks, like a triple whip and a 900, but he didn’t even medal. That’s how stiff the competition is and how important picking the right lines is.
  • Scotty was a great example of just having it all: technical tricks, use of the entire course, and smooth riding. XG18 Day3-1, From X Games Tumblr Photo from official X Game Tumblr
  • I panicked for a minute when I saw the Vert results on Twitter because I thought it would be broadcast live on TV. Who knew that the X Games could have spoilers?
  • Dennis McCoy is the only BMXer among the four athletes who have competed in all 18 X Games.
  • Jamie Bestwick was the first rider to break 40 points in the finals, and there was no stopping him after that.
  • Steve McCann had great amplitude but took a hard crash in one of the early runs.
  • All the guys rode well, but Jamie just has much more variation. It also helped that he didn’t have set-up airs (though I noticed that many more riders are now packing in the tricks).
  • Vince Byron made tailwhips look easy. He also attempted a decade air.
  • Both Steve McCann and Simon Tabron opted out their last runs probably due to the pain they were feeling from the crashes. Best save your body when you know that unless you’re at 100%, you’re probably not going to beat Jamie.

Motocross thoughts

  • Ashley Fiolek was absent from Women’s Moto-X Racing due to concerns about concussion effects. She hit her seven times this past year, the latest being three weeks ago (where she didn’t even remember finishing).
  • Vicki Golden got the holeshot, and that was it. By the end of the race, she led by 7 seconds.
  • They should have Vicki in Best Whip next year.
    xgamesday3-3, Photo by Brown Dog Wilson.  From Photo by Brown Dog Wilson (
  • The camera angle for Speed and Style sucked for showing tricks over the big jump.
  • Robbie Maddison had a bad crash over the whoops in practice. ESPN first reported that he broke his tibia and fibia, but apparently that was a prior injury that confused the hospital staff. He did suffer from a collapsed lung and lacerations on his leg.
  • Matt Buyten was apparently “pleasantly surprised” at not being sore from the previous night’s Step-Up marathon.
  • This was Carey Hart’s X Games swan song. He put up a really good fight against Edgar Torrenteras in the quarterfinals.
  • It looked really scary whenever riders were going bar-to-bar up the ramp, especially when they were both planning to flip. One slight bobble and it would be ugly.
  • ET didn’t have enough speeding going into a backflip and crashed hard. He was lucky to have gotten the bike all the way around, but it was a rough landing. He was carried out on the stretcher while throwing the horns.
  • The finals was between Nate Adams and Mike Mason. Both looked incredibly comfortable with course, and their jerseys were similar in color so “yellow” and “black” was a very good way to distinguish them from afar.
  • Mase’s arenacross background definitely helped him win. He was the smoothest on the whoops the entire night.
  • So many motocross injuries seem to have happened these past couple of days. Get well soon to all the riders!

Skateboard thoughts

  • Park started off slow, but everyone really brought out the big tricks in the finals.
  • It was cool seeing vets Andy MacDonald and Rune Glifberg in the finals. I tend to forget that they are park skaters too.
  • Kevin Kowalski saved himself from a fall (they can only have two before the run is over) with a nice revert.
  • Pedro Barros lost his hat doing a trick and then came back around to grab it in the middle of his run. Talk about cool under pressure.
  • It was a big battle for first between Pedro, Rune, and Ben Hatchell.
  • Ben put up a really good fight. His tech tricks got him the highest scoring run.
  • Three of the four X Games super vets (that’s what I’m calling the guys who have been in all 18 comps) were competing in Vert: Andy MacDonald, Bob Burnquist, and Rune Glifberg.
  • Rob Lorifice and Adam Taylor looked sunburned. Wonder if they forgot their sunscreen during Big Air.
  • Body varial = body doing a 540 + board doing a 360.
  • There appeared to be some strategic skating during the heats, as competitors refrained from throwing their biggest tricks (according to Tony Hawk, it might get scored lower later).
  • Skateboard Vert had the most pottymouths. The TV would go silent for a couple seconds around the times guys who bail from a trick. I finally put two-and-two together when Sandro Dias had an “oops” expression on his face after saying something.
  • Pierre-Luc Gagnon trains for skateboarding by boxing.
  • 12-year-old Tom Schaar brought back memories of a young Shaun White. Even though they were low, his 900s were so smooth. Can’t wait to see more from him.
  • Last year it was Shaun versus PLG. This year, it was Bucky Lasek versus PLG.
  • Apparently Andy barely makes 720s when he’s practicing with Tony, but he always stomps them in contests. That sounds like good luck or efficient skating.
  • Both Bucky and PLG scored a 91, but Bucky had to work to break the tie since PLG had the higher average of five runs (normally they average three).
    XG18 Day3-3, From X Games Tumblr Photo from official X Game Tumblr
  • Double grab are good in FMX due to difficulty. In skateboarding, it often means you’re desperate to not fall.
  • PLG fell on his last run so that gave Bucky a chance to take the gold away. It looked like he was about to with the way he barely stayed on the board (working some Bob Burnquist magic). It was close but not enough.

Congratulations to Scotty Cranmer (BMX Park), Ryan Decenzo (Game of SK8) Pedro Barros (Skateboard Park), Jamie Bestwick (BMX Vert), Vicki Golden (Women’s Moto-X Racing), Mike Mason (Moto-X Speed and Style), and Pierre-Luc Gagnon (Skateboard Vert) on their victories!

Prediction Status: 6/12
Quote of the Day: Sal Masekela – “Why do I keep saying 500?”
Tony Hawk – “Well, he didn’t make it all the way around so it’s a 500.”
Trick of the Day: Scotty Cranmer’s double tailwhip backflip
Inspiration of the Day: Jono Schwan – At 15, he already has his own charity, and he’s helping raise money for the people who lost their homes in the Colorado Springs fires.
Question of the Day: What is your favorite Carey Hart X Games moment?

While FMX riders may laugh in the face of danger, I bet they still find marriage proposals to be frightening.  About a month ago, Travis Pastrana popped the question to his skater girlfriend Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins at the Nitro Circus show in Vegas, and he was so nervous that he wound up doing it earlier than planned.  The video clip is pretty spectacular; leave it to the moto guys to take a more unconventional approach to proposing.  I’m a sucker for romance so here are my top 3 proposals by (or to) FMX riders.

3. Adam Jones gets down on one knee post-competition.
Photobucket Photo from
I was looking through pictures of an WFA contest a few years ago, and I came across a shot of Adam’s proposal. It was so cute that I saved it. Random fact about Adam’s wife (whose name is slipping my mind): she is the girl who smells his armpits in the “double pits to chesty” Axe commercial.

2. Travis Pastrana proposes to Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins on the Mega Ramp.

I’d say that was the best stunt of the night. Congratulations to those two! For a clip of the full proposal, go here.

1. Pink pops the question to Carey Hart in the middle of the race.
Photobucket Photo from People.
I’m a fan of unconventionality, and it was pretty awesome that Pink wrote her proposal on the pit board (plus “I’m serious!”) and then told Carey to go back and race since she wasn’t planning on marrying a “loser”. Recently they welcomed a baby girl, Willow Sage, into their family so congrats to them!