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I was wondering how I could recap the iON Mountain Championships without just posting notes or doing another set of awards.  Then I realized that I didn’t have an easy-to-access place to save my Tweets.  The Dew Tour has really embraced social media, and I actually got a Twitter account so that I could participate.  Here’s what I had to say while I was watching last week (with some additional commentary).

Spin tricks are impressive, but nothing makes me pause like a big stylish method. – in reference to Snowboard Superpipe

Oh man I can’t tell if my heart was pounding from anticipating Shaun White’s score or my heart meds just haven’t kicked in. – In the Superpipe finals, Shaun fell on his first run and was the last guy remaining who could defeat Greg Bretz.  He had some sick tricks and his usual high amplitude, but he was making mistakes so it was close.

Ladies are really styling in the pipe finals. I think the boys could learn a few things. – This Tweet actually got read on the livestream.  I freaked out when I realized it was me.  It was cool and a little mortifying because I’m not a snowboarder and Jack Mitrani was all “oooh”.  Because I yelled out and my partner rushed into see what was wrong, I missed the commentary. In any case, I stand by my Tweet.

Congrats to Torah Bright and Greg Bretz for their Superpipe wins!

C’mon Kevin, you can do it! – Kevin Rolland is on my Fantasy Freeride League team, and everyone had high hopes for him, but it wasn’t meant to be.

What an exciting end to the Ski Pipe finals. I’m glad I finished work to catch a bit of it.

David Wise, you deserved it for your killer runs. – In reply to his Tweet, “I can’t believe it! Thanks everyone for the support!”


Bf was totally perplexed by Nick Goepper skiing with no poles. I told him it happens. 

No poles for a medical reason. That’s a new one. Hope his hand feels better!  – Nick was recovering from hand surgery and the brace prevented him from using poles.

What a gorgeous double flip. Congrats Nick Goepper on your Dew Tour win! – I hadn’t meant to only talk about him, but he was solid even without poles.

Mark McMorris is making me root for Team Canada in the Olympics.

He’s so casual for just having pulled a triple. – Social media asked for it, and Mark delivered.

Thankful that my bf rushed into the room to make sure I was ok after I yelled when Jack Mitrani and Andrew Cannon read my Tweet. – During a break, Andrew and Jack decided to ask viewers to Tweet what they were thankful for.  I had to mention that my shout of glee came out as sounding as though I had dropped something on my foot.  Andrew Cannon was amused by this.

What I would give to photograph Sage Kotsenburg’s Cab 12. That was beautiful! – It was a Cab 12 Japan actually.  So gorgeous, and I agree with the Twitterers who said he was underscored.

Final Thoughts
I want to also congratulate Maddie Bowman, Jamie Anderson, Devin Logan, and Mark McMorris on their first place finishes. With the Olympics coming up, everyone is bringing their A game, but I already have a couple of picks for gold.

Can we please let Greg Bretz have the spotlight? Although I made a comment on my facebook about Shaun White getting dethroned, the headlines featuring him and not Greg, as well as the fuss over him falling, was ridiculous.

I’d like to reiterate how awesome this social media initiative is. It puts fans closer to the pros, and we feed off of one another. I had fun browsing the “dewtour” hashtag, and I hope to do this again.