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This weekend, I discovered a show on The Science Channel called Outrageous Acts of Science.  It provides a snappy explanation behind the viral videos that have been collected based on a scientific topic.  Think Ridiculousness with scientists and engineers.

That’s why it shouldn’t have been a surprise that triple backflipping BMX rider Jed Mildon made it into the show. Physics has never been my forte so I’ll let the video do the talking. Plus you get to hear Jed’s point of view juxtaposed with explanations by the show’s experts. It really gives an overall picture of what it takes to complete such a feat.

This isn’t the first time physics has taken an interest in Jed’s video. Three years ago, Wired had an article explaining why no one had ever done a triple flip before (and why you still don’t see them today). Click here to check it out.

From Wired

From Wired